my idea of sketching ...

No matter what your body size, there’s no reason to be ashamed of your figure. Because I believe that we all are special, unique, different, individual and beautiful women. As you all know I am not a model type, short -I always wanted to be a taller ( I am always thinking these things and etc … ) to became a designer and have the magic to make that happen. I finally made it and my own business in 2008.

My designers try to be elegant and sometimes mysterious look.
You can see my first designs on my blog, I use a soft fabrics that drapes softly , with spaghetti straps and show off the shoulders in appealing way, combined with fuller skirts and fitting bodice.
I used classic tailored strips and embroidered patterns look to convey an elegant look. I decided to use a single color from top to bottom because that makes women look even slimmer and taller -

My designs are for a special occasion or a big night, such as wedding, special dates , anniversaries or holidays – it will show women’s inner glamour goddess and classical elegant manner.

Some designs I’ll be uploading in the future are strapless dresses, glam rocker and some very mysterious ( mystic) looks. Also, many of them are very casual and good for everyday wear …

My fabrics have a little stretch so that it is comfortable but relaxing and showing, if you wish, your slim frame to look curve, or a soft fabric that drapes softly flattering ladylike.

In terms of jewelry, you can match oversize vintage earring with very simple gown, or you can just soft make up and delicate jewelry.

Please enjoy …