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My note :

What rules our tongues on a daily basis?

Our words are turning out to be more or less like a serious “the weapon” – and powerful enough to pierce our hearts with a single bullet or like a machine guns with angry  sounds that prove to kill both of us!

What would you love more?  Praise or discouragement ,  Compliments or complaints ,  Blessings or curses ,  with grumpy face , frown face or smiley face? …. Soft and gentle –   gesture  to open the door with pleasent face with nice hug and wave your hands until he is gone, or just ignore -

We both wanted from each other “appreciation, compliments and something sweet, kind, thoughtful, encouraging those something positive words with courtesy ….
These  words are a lot like our daily  vitamins to  our soul !!  (By the way ,  it’s free and it is up to us to choose – we don’t have to buy them from anywhere-)  We all have them and they are dying to  wink, wink to us 24 hours, how awesome !

But sadly again we just ignored them, because our anger and hate make us blind, deaf …  Even myself is the first one -

So, how about from this moment, please call it  “daily vitamins for the soul”: 1-800-encouraging word. Operated by wink wink smile. Rule by : sweet, kindness, encourage, supported, less selfish, thoughtful, understand  … something positive life giving words ( pill) will flow out of our hearts to become habits for our relationship!

What would you say ?


” Words are might tools for nurturing intimacy, maintaining unity, resolving conflict, and sharing hopes and dreams. Language the ability to express our deepest thought and sentiments and reveal our true inner selves through the spoken words, it is a beautiful gift from our loving Creator. We mustn’t neglects it!

Real communication goes beyond words : it includes eye contact, tone of voice, and body language.

And there are two main components to the act of communication : talking and listening. The latter is not a passive activity : it is an active process that should be practiced and mastered.

Learn to listen well, and you will be amazed at what you will discover in your spouses’s heart and soul”.

By  Kermit & La Rue Burrough -


” Become the kind of person who speaks truthfully but always in a way that is gracious and loving.

Your Language does not come across as unwholesome or demeaning, but rather encourage your partner and builds them up. Perhaps most importantly, you are never afraid to express your love, using words that all the more powerful because they are supported by your actions.”

By Sam & Mae Richiusa -



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