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I read this one over n over, such a tiny article but hard to forget … Still puts a smile on my face, so I’d like to share. I really appreciate this author.I cannot thank him enough !

This is about Best Town Names -
” He was holed up in BORING , Oregon, he was wondering whether he should try someplace different. So he hopped in his car and drove to WHY, Arizona, to figure things out. After a few days he found his answer in WHYNOT,Mississippi: he needed a town with some life to it. He made a beeline for DISCO,Tennessee, where he danced so much, he wore out his shoes. The next day, he headed to LOAFERS GLORY,North Carolina, for a new pair. Afterward he looked sharp enough to take a break in HANDSOME EDDY, NewYork. Eddy wasn’t around, but he knew where to find him -in LOVE -LADIES, New Jersey, where it seemed that all the women were trying to get to HUSBAND,Pennsylvania. It was a tough town. One gal told him his romancing needed work and sent him to SWEET LIPS, Tennessee. Heartbroken, he just put the car on cruise control and drove to LONELYVILLE, New York, for a stiff drink. He made a pit stop in THE BOTTLE, ALabama, and finally hit rock bottom in CONDEMNED BAR, California. Not surprisingly, he woke up the next morning in CRANKY CORNER, Louisiana. He knew that if he continued like this, he’d be headed straight to – HELL, Michigan. ( ha ha ha) Pulling his-self together, he grabbed breakfast in OATMEAL, Taxas, lunch in SANDWICH, Massachusetts, and dessert in PIE TOWN, New Maxico. He should’ve stopped eating after GREASY, Oklahoma, because he was feeling pretty sick by the time he left LICK SKILLET, Tennessee. In BRILLIANT, Ohio, it finally dawned on him – he had to cease his wandering ways. He parked in DO STOP, Kentukey, took out the map, and chose his new home. He didn’t need WEALTHY, Texas, or FAME, West Virginia. He found everything he needed in HAPPYLAND, Oklahoma.”

Original by Andy Simmons, on a cross – country trip.

Wow, I guess America has a lot of very funky city names …. Very entertaining the way he put them all together into a story. What a genius idea … Ha ha ha, I thank him so much!

Many years ago, I remember my Mother-in-law tried to sit with me while we were on a trip and show me funny and strange city names. Back then I didn’t really get it, but now I understand why she wanted to show me. We were traveling through a big open space with nothing but farm land around us, she was try to help me pass the time on the trip.
I really wish I had understood then what I do now. Now she’s passed away and I really miss her. Even though I wish I could call her everyday and tell her how much I love her, I cannot …

I miss her so, very much and I really appreciate her deepest meaning of consideration and love …




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